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It is important that children at the SOS Village have the exposure of what happens outside of the village environment, while it is equally important for the community to give back toward humanitarian causes. In order to achieve this, the SOS projects Multan welcome individuals/ Corporate Social Responsibility workers ready to volunteer their time and skills for the benefit of the children.

Volunteers are the key to our children's link with the external society. Our SOS Village children look forward to this interaction with the youth on a regular basis and develop long lasting memories as friends with the volunteers.

Volunteer Activities

Many diverse groups of students from private institutes take this opportunity to build stronger ties with our children while earning experience in the social welfare sector.

During the summer months a structured summer program is organized with the help of volunteers who participate in activities with the children such as story-telling, games, arts and performances and assisting with holiday home-work.


Every volunteer must complete 40 hours of service within a period of 3 months, (no exceptions allowed). Upon completion, the SOS authorities will provide a certificate of appreciation. (Certificate will only be issued after completion of 40 hour)

We appreciate the initiative taken by institutes in encouraging their student body to take part in social welfare activities. Our future generation must learn to excel not only in the spheres of academia, but also must nurture in themselves the spirit of humanity. The benefit of learning first hand and building memories with the children of SOS is an experience, which will bring undeniable benefit to the children of the privileged class.

Volunteers can indicate a time-frame which is convenient for them, and depending on the children's routine, the village director can specify the areas where the volunteers can help out. The village director then allocates a manageable group of children for the activity. Volunteers from abroad are also welcome to participate in our program. They can be accommodated according to their area of expertise and duration of stay.

Enrollment on a first come first serve bases!

For further information, contact:

Mrs. Shahnaz Zaman
Director, SOS Multan
Contact No. 0334-6059970
Office Contact No. 061-6538480-81, 061-6514144

Fill up our online form and send to us to register online

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