Our Affiliation

Our Affiliation

SOS Children's Villages is active in 135 countries and territories worldwide. The variety of this international work is brought together by the umbrella organisation SOS-Kinderdorf International, which unites all of the autonomous national associations. Its head office is in Innsbruck, Austria.

SOS Kinderdorf is the largest child welfare organization in the world and has so far established over 2,310 projects, with the number steadily increasing. Many of the facilities are community projects such as schools, medical centres, agricultural projects, vocational training and production centres. SOS Children's Villages is assisting more than 330,330 children and families through its family strengthening programmes.

In all countries where SOS Children's Villages operates, the aim is to form a national association which is its own legal entity, with its own statutes and Board of Directors. Common for all of them is membership of the international umbrella association, and the fact that their Board of Directors work on an honorary basis. Each member association has to comply with the international statutes and principles for education and child-care of SOS-Kinderdorf International.

Statistics of facilities and beneficiaries worldwide.

2310 facilities in 135 countries and territories

The Basic
Founded 1949
Countries 135
Children's Villages 572
Family Strengthening Programmes 574
People We Helped in 2017
Children in Family Strengthening 467,400
Children in Family Based Care 87,100
Health Care Services 759,200
Emergency Response Services 1,760,300
Learning: People Building Capacities 242,000
SOS Co-Workers Around the World
SOS Parents, Parent-Trainees, Aunts and Family Assistants 9,700
Teachers, Psychologists, Medical and Emergency Staff 15,700
Maintenance, Service and Administrative Staff 11,000
International Coordination 600
Finances 2015
Gross Income €1,122 Million
Program Expenditures €842 Million
Total Expenditures (Including Programme Expenditures) €1079 Million