Life at SOS

Sustainable growth and Successful Future

Religious instruction is an integral part of the children's routine. Extra-curricular activities are also organised in which the children enthusiastically participate. Sports and musical events, scouts and girl guides, games, cooking and art classes are just some of the many diverse activities available to them. Children are also periodically taken on trips outside the Village and take part in many community activities with other local children. Since a number of children have experienced difficult situations in life, coming from neglected and sometimes violent backgrounds, there is psychological counselling available for them as well.

The organization takes responsibility for the children in its care till they are able to support themselves. After matriculation both boys and girls receive career counselling. Higher education is provided to those with merit and, otherwise, technical education is available. The boys remain in our care till they are capable of earning their livelihood and girls are also encouraged to train for careers. The marriages of the girls are arranged by the organization.