SOS Children Villages Dhodial

SOS Chidlren's Home Mangal

SOS Children’s Home, Mangal was established in 2015. A new residential block for children and admin blocks was constructed and occupied in 2022. It can facilitate 80 children. The Children’s Home Mangal also has their school (Hermann Gmeiner School. Mangal campus) to facilitate not only its children but also the local community.

Dhodial is located near Baffa, between Mansehra and Shinkiari in the Mansehra District of Pakistan. The river Siren flows alongside the town and the land is very fertile. The population was badly affected by the 2005 Pakistan earthquake. SOS Children’s Village Dhodial is situated in an open valley on the fabled Silk Route, against the backdrop of mountains, making this the most picturesque location in the country. It is, quite understandably, a favourite destination for children from other SOS Children’s Villages in the summer holidays. An SOS medical centre provides treatment and care for the families in the SOS Children’s Village.


SOS Children’s Home Mangal, Near Mangal Police Station, Abbottabad.


0997-414102 / 0997-414116