SOS Children Home Multan

The SOS Children's Home Multan

2019 will mark the year of new endeavors of the SOS Multan family, as we intend to extend our outreach to more and more deserving children of the Southern Belt of Punjab.

When a woman is left destitute, widowed, abandoned and helpless in society, her children become the most susceptible to victimization. Her inability to provide for the basic rights of her child, strips the child of his/her basic human rights, thus leaving them in great peril.

SOS Children's Home provides a newfound vision of pastoral care for such children, by opening its doors to a purpose built residential campus promising a life and secures future for such vulnerable children.

The SOS Children's home will welcome the children under its shelter whose mothers are unable to provide them with basic necessities of childhood and will provide education, healthcare and pastoral care by taking these children under its wings from early years up till matriculating.

We aim to broaden our scope of outreach for the children under threat, while this facility will also go hand in hand in motivating single women to find the stimulus to become financially empowered. We aim to provide all such mothers free skill based training and will facilitate in job placements as trainees, thus creating not only a safe haven for the vulnerable children, but also bring about empowerment to the destitute mothers.

The SOS Children’s Village Multan is already providing for 200 orphans under its care and by the grace of god and the support of our well wishers we aim to open this new project for another 100 vulnerable children.

We appeal to you to step forward and contribute towards the construction of this new project.

Lets join hands and make a promise to every child of Pakistan that they will be given the right to a childhood, the right to education, health and above all love and security.


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