SOS Children Villages Sialkot

SOS Children's Village Sialkot

SOS Children's Village Sialkot was completed in 2005 and is constructed on 4.5 acres of land donated by the Government of Punjab. The Village is located 20km from the center of the city. The city of Sialkot is situated in the north-east of the Punjab province in Pakistan at the foothills of the snow-covered peaks of Kashmir near the Chenab river. It is the capital of the Sialkot District, and formerly it has been the winter capital of the State of Kashmir.

The Village Was Completed Just in Time

SOS Children’s Village Sialkot is situated on the banks of a canal, with many beautiful old mango trees. When planning the Village, efforts were made to save as many of these as possible, resulting in an unusually attractive setting.

Since the Village is located at a considerable distance from the city and transport facilities are poor, it was a challenge to organize the construction project, but nonetheless, it was successfully achieved. In fact, the timing of the Village's completion could not have come at a more opportune time as, consequent to the disastrous earthquake of October 2005, shelter for earthquake orphans was urgently required. Many of them found a home in the Village, along with regular local arrivals, and there are now 116 children in the Village (Feb 2023).

While the other children attend schools outside, a primary school has been created inside the grounds of the Village for the younger children. It takes time and effort to mainstream children who have had little or no previous education into a structured academic system, making the academic accomplishments of this school more impressive. Admissions for the high school began in March 2017 when the construction of the building was completed. An elementary school's development is also anticipated.


SOS Children's Village Sialkot Airport Road, Khambaranwala, Sialkot.