SOS Children Villages Johar Town, Lahore

SOS Children's Home Johar Town, Lahore

SOS Children's Villages Pakistan runs a pilot project known as "Children's Home" in Johar Town, Lahore, catering to children from families with single mothers. Established in 2015, this initiative aims to alleviate the burdens on single mothers, especially widows or divorcees, by assuming the responsibility of meeting their children's needs. By doing so, it enables these mothers to seek employment opportunities. While the children reside in the Children's Home, they maintain contact with their mothers, who are encouraged to visit and take them home during weekends and holidays.

The current strength in the Children's Home Johar Town is 36 children. The Children's Home provides a protective environment for the children, offering top-notch facilities and high-quality education. They receive the same care and benefits as those in an SOS Children's Village. The success of this project has inspired plans to replicate it in other areas to assist numerous deserving families. The projects can be either (a) purely residential setups, where children attend nearby schools. Established schools can also serve the broader community beyond the project's scope.


SOS Children's Home Johar Town Lahore, Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Block A, Near Abu Bakr Park, Johar Town, Lahore.