About SOS Children's Villages Pakistan

SOS Children's Villages Pakistan is a non-governmental organization that provides care and support to orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children in Pakistan. The organization operates in 17 cities nationwide where children can grow up in safe, stable, and loving homes. SOS Children's Villages Pakistan differs from a regular rural village. The villages are designed to provide a family-like environment where children can receive long-term care, education, healthcare, and emotional support. In addition to residential programs, SOS Children's Villages Pakistan offers family-strengthening programs to support single working mothers. The organization's mission is to ensure that every child in Pakistan has a safe and secure home and the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We believe that working with families, communities, and government partners can create a brighter future for all children. Children are placed in a family-like environment with a trained caregiver responsible for their daily needs, including nutrition, healthcare, and education. Children also receive emotional support from trained in-house psychologists to help them deal with the trauma they may have experienced before coming to the village.

SOS Children's Villages Pakistan operates as an autonomous community. SOS Villages have infrastructure and resources, including schools, healthcare centers, and recreational facilities. We have specific criteria for enrolling children under our care. Typically, children enrolled in SOS Children's Villages are orphaned, abandoned, or cannot be cared for by their biological families for various reasons.

The process of enrolling a child in SOS Children's Villages Pakistan involves the following steps:

  • Referral: The child may be referred to SOS Children's Villages Pakistan by their biological family, a social welfare organization, a government agency, or an NGO working in the area.
  • Assessment: Our staff and trained teams assess the child's situation to determine if the child is eligible for admission.
  • Approval: If the child is found to be eligible, the National Office approves the enrollment and informs the child's family or guardians.
  • Placement: The child is placed in one of the SOS Children's Villages in Pakistan, where they are provided with a safe and nurturing home environment.
  • Care and support: The child receives education, healthcare, and emotional support from SOS Children's Villages Pakistan staff and volunteers.

Overall, SOS Children's Villages Pakistan's goal is to provide a stable and caring environment for children who have experienced difficult circumstances and help them become self-reliant and responsible adults.