SOS Multan Institute of Technology

The SOS global family, not only undertook a great feat of providing for the orphans, abandoned and destitute children, but also has always stressed on strengthening the community of the surrounding areas. This vision leads the SOS family projects to keep growing and to keep on providing new avenues of strengthening the less privileged around it.

The institute helps us bridge the gap of providing sustenance to the ever-increasing underprivileged youth (boys and girls) of Pakistan. An estimated population of 180.44 million people, in 2013, Pakistan is the 6th most populous country in the world.

With such a large human capital, Pakistan should be the one of the “richest” countries in the world. However according to CIA World Fact Handbook:

  • 35% of the country is below the age of 15.
  • However only 2.7% of GDP is directed towards education.
  • The average boy enjoys 8 years of schooling.
  • The average girl receives 6 years of schooling.

Youth are a valuable asset of this country and their labor, increasing education level, and creativeness represents an important input to development and growth. Appropriate expenditure on youth development skills, will lead to social inclusion and poverty reduction. Underinvestment, on the other hand, can lead to youth unemployment as well as political and social instability. The area selected for the SOS Multan Institute of Technology provides an environment and location, being inhabited by factory workers largely of Industrial Estate Multan; the demographics of the area clearly depict a graph of low-income groups. No Technical training facility lies within 15 km of the proposed site. The youth, overwhelmingly from these financially underprivileged areas are receiving inadequate education. This fact compels us to implement reforms by targeting support for the most disadvantaged sector and execute a long-term educational plan through technical education.

The SOS Multan Technical Training Institute endeavors to bridge the gap of trained skill set amongst our youth and lead the way to providing a prosperous professional future for our children

Vocational and Technical Education

Rapid technological developments have led to radical changes in the world of work. New technologies are rapidly replacing the old one. As the new technologies are knowledge intensive, the countries all over the world are obliged to upgrade and enhance the skill level of the human resource of their countries. The paradigm shift from semi-skilled economies to the knowledge-based economies has put greater premium on Technical and Vocational Education and Training, since this education directly relates to the world of work and has a curriculum, which focuses on the acquisition of employable skills.

Diploma of Associate Engineering

DAE stands for Diploma of Associate Engineer and duration of this diploma is 03 years regular studies including classroom lectures, workshop assignments, labs experiments, industrial projects and industrial tours.

Chosen Trades for S.M.I.T

  • Electrical D.A.E
  • Electronics D.A.E
  • Computers D.A.E

Industry largely depends on technicians for production, efficient maintenance, and back-up support. An Associate Engineer can translate scientific knowledge for improved productivity. In Pakistan, Technical Education is offered in 26 disciplines e.g. Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, and Chemical & Electronics Technologies. The Government of Pakistan recognizes it as equivalent to HSSC / Inter-Science (Pre-Engineering) for further studies purpose.

Therefore, after successful completion of Diploma of Associate Engineer (D.A.E) course, students can either continue further Engineering Studies (B.E., Bachelors in Technology) or get employment as Supervisors, Foremen, Sales Engineers, Shift Engineers, Sub-Engineers, Senior Draughtsman, Service Station Managers, Auto Engineers, Agricultural Overseers, Chemical or Gas Plant Operators, Farm Managers, Junior Instructors, Workshop Superintendents etc.

Vocational Trades for S.M.I.T

Vocational education (education based on occupation or employment), is education that prepares people for specific trades, crafts and careers at various levels from a trade, a craft, technician, or a professional position in engineering, accountancy, nursing, medicine, architecture, pharmacy, law etc. Craft vocations are usually based on manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic, related to a specific trade, occupation, or vocation.

Vocational education is related to the age-old apprenticeship system of learning. Apprenticeships are designed for many levels of work from manual trades to high knowledge work.

  • Domestic Electrician
  • Computer Application
  • Mobile Repairing
  • AutoCAD
  • Plumbing
  • Welding
  • Tailoring
  • Air-conditioning repair
  • Beautician

In collaboration with Colony Textile as our primary donor, we have established the Institute, with the primary campus being generously donated to SOS Multan Institute of Technology. We opened our doors for the Vocational trades and DAE in 2015 and served over 1,500 trainees thus far.

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