SOS Children Villages Rawalakot

SOS Children's Village Rawalakot

Rawalakot is situated in the heart of district Poonch of Azad Kashmir. SOS Children's Village Rawalakot has been functioning since 2018 in Chak Dhamni Begala Rawalakot. It is constructed on 30,575 sq. ft. of land. SOS CV Rawalakot is providing a home for up to 66 children.

Home is Where Love Resides

SOS is dedicated to offering a nurturing home for each and every child. The children of SOS Rawalakot had been residing in Youth Homes since 2018, as the construction of the village was yet to be completed. However, in 2022, a new village was constructed and it commenced operations on June 05, 2023. The village comprises ten houses, out of which eight houses are currently in operation, providing a warm and caring environment for the children.

Education Is The Passport To The Future

SOS upholds a steadfast commitment to providing children with a top-notch education. In Rawalakot, Big Heart School SOS works tirelessly to offer exceptional educational facilities to the children. The construction of SOS Primary School commenced in 2013 and was successfully completed in early 2015. Since its establishment in 2015, the school has been operating with classes ranging from nursery to 6th grade. In 2020, the school transitioned into a secondary school, and separate school buildings were constructed the same year for boys and girls in classes 6th to 10th. Currently, the school accommodates a student body of over 172 students, with 89 boys and 83 girls. The construction expenses for the school were generously sponsored by the Big Heart Foundation.


SOS Children’s Villages Rawalakot Chak Damni Begala Hajira Road, Rawalakot District Poonch Azad Jammu & Kashmir