SOS Children Villages Sargodha

SOS Children's Village Sargodha

SOS Children's Village Sargodha is situated on a twelve-acre site donated by the Government of Punjab. A local philanthropist played an important role in the establishment of the Village and, as well as fundraising, personally supervised the construction activities.

Sargodha is the administrative center of the Sargodha District of the Punjab region. Located in the northeast of Pakistan, it is one of the few planned cities in Pakistan; the others being Gwadar, Jauharabad, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad, and Islamabad. The district is known as Pakistan's best citrus-producing area, and it is an agricultural trade center with various industries.

SOS Children’s Village Sargodha was ready for occupancy in 1995 and consists of 14 family homes constructed around large playgrounds. There is some support from the local community, and hopefully, over time this will increase to the level of other cities.

The area where the Village is located has severe problems with water salinity and, over the years, a lot of effort has gone into addressing the issue. The installation of two water filtration plants has finally resolved the problem.

Education is The Key

The SOS Hermann Gmeiner School has three spacious blocks. Facilities include 35 classrooms, two science laboratories, and a computer room. The school can currently take in 1,000 pupils but, as admissions increase, more space will be required. Currently, 479 students study in schools. Our school provides education facilities to Community students with nominal fee charges.

The SOS boy’s youth home is between the Village and SOS school and has all the facilities required by the boys, including a large recreational area. Many of the boys are cricket enthusiasts and participate every year in the annual Inter-Villages Cricket tournament. Hi-Tech Computer Lab was also established in Youth Home Sargodha where youth boys and Village girls learn new computer courses under the supervision of the lab teacher.

Over 100 children are being cared for in the Village, with a further 40 living in the youth home (Feb 2023).


SOS Children's Village Sargodha 49-Tail, Main Faisalabad Road, Near Board of Secondary Education, Sargodha.


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