SOS Children Villages Rawalakot

SOS Children's Home Bedian

SOS Children's Home Bedian in Lahore has been fully operational and well-equipped since 2021. The land, spanning 8 Kanal, was generously donated for this cause. The primary objective of this project is to support single women who find themselves unable to provide for their children, whether due to being single or divorced. Currently, there are 32 children residing in Bedian.

The facility includes separate activity rooms for boys and girls, providing a safe and engaging environment. The children receive education at a nearby school called The Citizens Foundation. To meet their academic needs, a home tuition facility has been established. Additionally, various events and functions are organized regularly.

Psychological support is a crucial aspect of this project. A dedicated psychologist is responsible for caring for the children's mental well-being. This professional assists them in overcoming psychological traumas and guides them toward leading healthy lives. Furthermore, the children receive proper medical attention, including monthly medical examinations and vaccinations.


SOS Children's Home, Near Avicenna Hospital, Rohi Nala, Bedian Road, Lahore