Donate Your Zakat and Save Lives in Pakistan

Your Zakat has the potential to elevate lives by providing a loving home to shelterless people and feeding those who have no one to feed them. This Ramzan, we need your help to sustain our mission!

True piety is this: to believe in God, and the Last perform the prayer and to pay the zakat.” (Qur’an 2:177)

Since 1975, SOS Children's Village Pakistan has been responding to the needs of abandoned children and sheltering them. Our mission-driven Organization, with its years of experience, will make sure your Zakat will enable:

  • Shelter for housemothers and underprivileged children
  • Education for 2000+ children
  • Sponsorship to bear the expenses of the children residing with SOS Children's Village
  • Job training and skill development for underprivileged girls and boys

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2.5 % of zakat

Bank Detail

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)

A/C Title: SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan

PKR Account Number: 08-7928912-01
IBAN Number PK25SCBL0000008792891201

Destination Account Currency: PKR

Branch Code: 005



Address: Standard Chartered Bank (65- Main Boulevard Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan)

Habib Bank Limited (For Zakat Only)

A/C Title: SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan

PKR Account Number: 1589-79006689-01
IBAN Number PK47HABB0015897900668901

Destination Account Currency: PKR

Branch Code: 1589



Address: Habib Bank Limited (PECO Road Branch Block A-1, Township, Lahore, Pakistan.)

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)

A/C Title: SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan

PKR Account Number: 0021802010087195
IBAN Number PK02MUCB0021802010087195

Destination Account Currency: PKR

Branch Code: 0218



Address: Muslim Commercial Bank (Liberty Market, 46-E-3, Commercial Zone, Gulberg-3, Lahore, Pakistan)

As per the new rulings from The State Bank of Pakistan, all NGO accounts must be added or made beneficiaries using an IBAN. You may also send us your donations at HBL and MCB accounts.

You can deposit your donations directly to the following SOS bank accounts. Please email us a copy of the fund's transfer receipt issued by your bank (email / screen-shot) at and

Once you share the fund's transfer details, contact number, and postal address, we will email you the donation acknowledgment.

  • +92-42-35918035-6 / +92-42-35917846-7
  • +92-42-35917843
  • SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan National Office Ferozepur Road, Lahore-54600 (Pakistan)

Zakat FAQS

Zakat is one of the important pillars of Islam, sometimes called Al-Sadaqa Al-Wajiba (obligatory alms).
Zakat is a pillar of Islam; it is a compulsory act of worship for all Muslims that can afford to give; Zakat can also be referred to as Al-Sadaqa Al-Wajiba (obligatory alms)

  • (Zakat is not applicable on non-Muslims)
  • Mature (i.e., above the age of puberty)
  • Mentally sound (Zakat is not compulsory on those who are insane)
  • Complete ownership of the wealth (wealth can only be subject to Zakat if it is in complete ownership of the individual. For example, if someone buried some possessions somewhere and forgot where he had buried them, and then remembered years later, the Zakat will not have to be paid for the interim period when the possessions were missing)
  • One’s wealth should exceed that which is required to fulfil the basic necessities of life
  • Total value of wealth and property should be above threshold determined by Shariah.

Yes, someone who is legally responsible to pay Zakat can pay through monthly instalments throughout the year, with the intention of paying Zakat. When lunar year comes to an end, Zakat should be calculated, and whatever remains outstanding should be paid off. In similar fashion, outstanding amount can also be paid through instalment

Yes, it can be done, however, it is best to pay the Zakat on time. If the Zakat of the previous year is outstanding, then it can be paid together with the Zakat of the current year

Zakat can be paid before its due-date and this is a correct method of paying it.

`Ali b. Abi Talib narrates that `Abbas asked the Holy Prophet [SAW], ‘Can the Zakat be paid before its time?’ The Holy Prophet [SAW] permitted him to do this [Abu Dawud #1624].

It is obligatory to pay the Zakat upon four types of assets:

  • Gold, silver, and cash
  • Livestock, such as camels, cows, and goats, etc
  • All kinds of trade goods and merchandise (including property bought with the intention of re-sale)
  • Those products that are produced from the land such as fruit, vegetables, and minerals, etc

No, a husband and wife cannot give their Zakat to each other