Donate Your Zakat and Save Lives

  • Raised: 8,000,000 PKR
  • Goal: 1,500,000 PKR

Your Zakat has the potential to elevate lives, by providing a loving home to those that are shelter less, to feeding those who have no one to feed them. This Ramzan, we need your help to sustain our mission!

Give your Zakat to those that need it the most.

True piety is this: to believe in God, and the Last perform the prayer and to pay the zakat.” (Qur’an 2:177)

Since 1975, SOS Children’s Village Pakistan has been responding to the needs of abandoned children and sheltering them. Our mission-driven organization with its years of experience will make sure your Zakat will enable:

  • Shelter for housemothers and underprivileged children
  • Education for 2000+ children
  • Sponsorship to bear expenses of the children residing with SOS Children’s Village
  • Job training and skill development for the underprivileged girls and boys

Calculate Your Zakat

There are eight categories of people who are eligible to receive Zakat:

  • The poor
  • Needy
  • Administrators of Zakat
  • Those whose hearts have been recently reconciled
  • Those who have been enslaved
  • Those in debt
  • In the cause of ALLAH
  • Travellers (including refugees)

As Allah (SWT) tells us in the Holy Qur’an: The Sadaqat (prescribed alms) are (meant) only to be given to the poor, the needy, to those employed to collect them, to those whose hearts are to be won, in the cause of the slaves and those encumbered with debt, in the way of Allah and to a wayfarer. This is an obligation prescribed by Allah. Allah is All-Knowing, Wise.