Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan is an autonomous body and all financing, both for construction of new projects and maintenance of the children, is made possible through donations from the public. Through a sponsorship scheme, individuals and corporate entities undertake to meet the maintenance costs of the children. Generous donors also provide the funding required for the establishment of new projects. The respective provincial governments support our efforts and donate the requisite land.

The amount for complete sponsorship of a child is Rs. 10,000/ USD 75 per month. Partial sponsorship amount for one child, is Rs. 5,000 / USD 38 per month. Payment from abroad can be made direct to the National Office or through our Support Groups. Donations are tax exempt.

Allocation of children is made according to need by the Sponsorship Department. However, if a sponsor has a preference for a child in a particular project, efforts will be made to comply. Once a child is allocated to a sponsor, a brief history and annual progress reports are provided.

The sponsorship scheme is an excellent way for the community to share in the responsibility of providing for these vulnerable children and ensuring that they get a fair chance in life. Sponsors may correspond with their sponsored children and also visit them. Many sponsors establish a close bond with the children who, in turn, derive great benefit from this relationship.

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