SOS Rural Support Program

In 1990 SOS started working in rural development and uplift in the Kasur District of Punjab. Kasur has been identified as an impoverished area, desperately in need of rural uplift and support as a result of several factors, including continuous flood devastation, unhygienic water supply resulting from the disposal of the polluted tannery waste, lack of medical and educational facilities and the generally low-income population.

At Present, 5 High schools and 1 College are run by SOS RSP Kasur, and 1108 children receive quality formal education. Fifty-four teachers are taken daily from Kasur City to the schools situated in villages so that children may learn from qualified teachers. Schools are situated in the main areas having comprehensive range coverage. Each school has a large area for classrooms, playgrounds, etc., fully equipped with modern and comfortable furniture providing a pleasant environment for the children. Audio-visual aids have been provided to all SOS schools. Trained, skillful, and qualified teachers teach students.

Major Achievements

  • 125 Girls and 91 boys matriculation
  • 81 girls and eight boys intermediate
  • 65 girls graduating
  • 19 girls M.A
  • A boy named Mubashar Ali from Dhoop Sari got a scholarship first from LUMS, then the University of Australia
  • All the schools have been sustained, and their approximate expenditure of 8.7 million is being met from the Schools' income

Livelihood Enhancement

A project to alleviate poverty by providing underprivileged people with skills and assets to create a society where people may try to improve their livelihood and raise themselves above the poverty line.

SOS RSP has provided livelihood with assets of Rs. 50000 to 150000 to 20 people every year since 2010.