Visit of Governor Punjab to SOS CV Faisalabad

Honorary moments for SOS Children's Village Faisalabad. Special thanks to Governor Punjab "Ch.Muhammad Sarwar" and his Sarwar Foundation for the precious visit with beautiful actress "Reema Khan". Read More →

Inter-Village Cricket Tournament 2018

Inter-Village Cricket Tournament was won by SOS Children Village Faisalabad. We congratulate Team Faisalabad and Management of Faisalabad. Prize Distribution ceremony was held in Sargodha Stadium. Executive Committee Members distributed certificates and Cash awards.

SOS Partnership with EDKASA

SOS Children's Villages Pakistan has partnered up with EDKASA to provide career counselling sessions to SOS students across Pakistan. Read More →

Reunion 2018

Reunion of the Former Children of SOS Children's Village Lahore.

A Proud Moment for SOS Children's Village Lahore

A proud moment for SOS Children's Village Lahore. One of our girls awarded a degree in BS Biotechnology. She has made us proud.

Jinnah Awards 2018

Making SOS proud. The Jinnah Society conferred its Jinnah Award to President, SOS Children's Villages Pakistan, Mrs. Souriya Anwar.

Cinepax Limited join hands with SOS Children's Villages Pakistan

Lahore, November 29th, 2018 - Cinepax Limited, Pakistan’s leading family entertainment company is proud to join hands with SOS Children's Villages Pakistan. The CEO of Cinepax, Ms. Mariam El Bacha and the National Director of SOS Children's Villages Pakistan, Ms. Saba Faisal signed a memorandum of understanding. The MOU will help to promote the work of SOS for the abandoned children. Ms. Saba Faisal welcomed this collaboration and observed that this relationship would help augment the social outreach and strengthen their donor base and supporters. Cinepax is honoured to support the cause which fuels SOS effort. Every donation made or every minute spared will help in making a difference in the lives of millions of children from the marginalized communities across Pakistan. With the challenges nationally and internationally, there is no way at all that one sector alone can do it. When you get it together, you get incredible results.

Fundraising Event of SOS Children's Home, Lahore

A wonderful melodious evening with an excellent dance performance by Wahab Shah, Dastaan Goi, and delicious food in the beautiful ambiance of Lahore Fort. Read More →

SOS Mother's Training

Mothers of SOS Children's Villages Pakistan showcased their work after a storytelling session on the imaginary animals that they made! Yesterday, the Little Art conducted a workshop in the annual mothers' training. The session was focused on engaging children through art and it was led by Mr. Shoaib Iqbal, founder of the little art. The Little Art which is a non-profit that works with children and young people through art. However, the participants were the house mothers working in different SOS Villages across Pakistan.

AkzoNobel, Organised a Carnival for the Children

AkzoNobel, organised a carnival for the children of SOS Village Lahore to empower youth for better chances of employment through various colour training programme. Read More →

Fundraising Event of SOS Children's Home, Johar Town

First ever Fundraising Event was held by the Management Committee of SOS Children's Home Johar Town at Grand Palm Hotel Lahore on 5th May, 2018. The purpose of this event was to spread awareness about the project and hardships of Single Working Women who are less fortunate to look after their children at their own. We are extremely thankful to all our generous donors, supporters and volunteers for making this event a huge success. A special thanks to respected Dr. Rehana Masood and management of Grand palm Hotel for the complimentary dinner and great hospitality.

15th Annual National Conference 2018

The 15th Annual National Conference was held at the SOS National Training Center, Lahore, where the Chairpersons/BOG's/Committee Members from all the projects of SOS Children's Villages Pakistan discussed the yearly performance of their facilities. Issues and good practices were discussed.

One year anniversary of MI Pakistan

The Mi Pakistan family celebrated their 1 Year Anniversary with the team and children at SOS Children's Villages Pakistan.

SOS National Youth Empowerment Conference 2018

Youth Empowerment Conference was held on 13th and 14th of January, 2018. SOS Youth representatives from all our projects in Pakistan joined for the session. The session started with an Introduction by Ms. Saba Faisal, National Director of SOS Children's Villages Pakistan followed by the Ice breaking activity. Life skills focusing on communication skills, confidence building and sense of responsibility was conducted by the Monitoring & Evaluation Department. Guest Speaker, Ms. Imrana Shah gave a session on stress management and exercises for stress management. Senior Co-worker, Resource Development talked about employability skills focusing & team work, whereas guest speakers, Mr. Jawad Mir and Shahbaz Khan, representatives from Rozee PK discussed resume building and Do's/Dont's for CV writing. Dr.Faisal Sultan, CEO Shaukat Khanum Lahore talked about interview skills. SOS Youth representatives from all our projects in Pakistan joined for the session. Mr. Talha Zaheer, CEO Ticket Kataoo talked about the importance of social media channels and how they can help in finding jobs online. Mr. Khurram Imtiaz, Chartered Accountant, discussed the Importance of internships and potential opportunities available. Assistant Finance manager talked about basic financial management techniques.

Director's Training Workshop 2018

A Directors’ Training Workshop is held annually by the National Office, SOS Children's Villages Pakistan. This workshop brings all the Directors from our projects all over the country. The aim of this workshop is capacity building and to ensure standardization of all the policies and procedures. of SOS Children's Villages Pakistan's policies across our 54 projects. It emphasizes the paramount role of the Directors. It also focuses on empowering and facilitating mothers to care for the children. In order to meet the challenges of future we need to move closer to each other, share our experiences and be open to learn from each other. We also invite external resource people to aid us in our professional development as well as manage issues that we face on a regular basis.

Uber Pakistan and SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan Join Hands

Lahore, 27th September 2017: Today, Uber, the international smartphone app that seamlessly connects riders to drivers, has signed an MOU with SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan as part of its long- term commitment to working together on initiatives that will benefit the children in our community. To commence its commitment with SOS Children’s Villages, Uber has already designed a set number of campaigns/activities to take place over the coming months to be executed in the near future. Campaigns are designed around children’s day, friendships day etc. Furthermore, Uber will also be launching a series of UberGive campaigns in order to donate to SOS Children’s Villages through the its app. We are looking forward to a great and meaningful partnership over the course of 12 months.

MOU Signing between The Educators and SOS Children's Villages, Pakistan

MOU Signing ceremony between The Educators and SOS Children's Villages Pakistan took place on 1st August, 2017. Mrs Souriya Anwar, President of SOS Children's Villages Pakistan and Mr. Shahid Saeed Butt, Project Director of The Educators, signed the agreement. As per the agreement, The Educators will assume control of the management of SOS Schools in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Sargodha. This is a part of their social contribution to the noble cause of providing quality education to the children of SOS Villages and the Community.

Opening Ceremony of SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School, Islamabad

Formal Opening Ceremony of SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School Islamabad was held on 29th March 2017. We are highly grateful to Mr. Raffat Mahmood and Mrs. Shaista Raffat for coming to Pakistan from Washington for this event. They are major donors of this school along with SOS Children's Villages Pakistan DC Chapter.The guests brought special message from former US President Mr. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for the children of SOS Islamabad. The dignitaries attended the event applauded SOS efforts in childcare.

Samsung smart school solutions in Pakistan

Samsung has been working closely with SOS Children's Villages Pakistan to implement Smart School solutions in Pakistan. Samsung Smart School provides a dynamic student learning experience for real-time interactions between the teacher and fellow students. Using Samsung GALAXY tablets and Interactive Teaching features, designed to enhance teacher-to-student interaction, students can actively participate in the learning experience. Implementation of this solution will result in better student engagement at SOS. Samsung Smart School interactive teaching features include: Screen sharing; screen monitoring; look & auto-touch; group activity; quiz & poll & content viewer.

Brand Manager of PEL along with his team

Brand Manager of PEL along with his team visited SOS Children’s Village Lahore and donated 15 Refrigerators for our SOS Children’s Village Muzzafarabad.

Team ICE UET Lahore invited Children from SOS Village Lahore

Team ICE UET Lahore invited Children from SOS Village Lahore to come and work with the participants of Social Responsibility Program in making of an electric power boat.

Neighbour Visited SOS Children's Viallage Lahore

Five Akzonobel, our neighbor and friend, visited SOS Children’s Village Lahore, to paint the homes of the Village. On the first day, the president, Mr. Jahanzaib Khan along with his staff started the painting the walls .Village children were very excited and enthusiastically took part in it.

Opening of SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School, Rawalakot

SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School in SOS Children's Village Rawalakot is now fully equipped and functional for the children of surrounding villages. We wish them good luck and HAPPY EDUCATION ahead.

National Conference 2015

A group photo of the Chairpersons/BOG's/Committee Members of different facilities of SOS Children's Villages Pakistan at the 12th Annual National Conference at the SOS National Training Center, Lahore.

Wonder World Visit

Children of SOS Village Lahore were invited by the management of Wonder World, a centre of indoor adventure activities which encourage children’s imagination and physical development in a safe and fun environment.Children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Read More →

International Read Aloud

International Read Aloud International Read Aloud, a new project launched by Mrs. Zerka Tahir and her team, sponsored by (Free Balance), a multinational public finance consultancy. An annual event "World Reading Day" was celebrated with the children of SOS Children's Village Lahore on 4th March, 2015 by their social responsibility Department. The story telling by TNS teachers. Books and friendship bands were provided by Alif laila. Certificates were presented. Read More →

Annual Director's Workshop 2015

The Annual Director's Training Workshop was held at the SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan, National Training Centre, Lahore. The objective of this yearly workshop is for all Village Directors to come together and share their implementation of the SOS Policies and to learn to further improve the management of the villages. We at SOS believe that even though a lot has been achieved, we should not be complacent and take every opportunity to strive for perfection for the better nurturing of children under our care. The close bond that each Village Director feels with our mission is Read More →

Teachers Training Workshop

Teachers Training Workshop was held on 14th February, 2015 by Ms. Zerka Tahir in SOS Hermann Gmeiner School. During the session she encouraged primary school teachers to initiate learning synergy through expressions, sympathy and compassion and bringing joy in the lives of the children.

Zia Zaidi (University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing)

Zia who's come all the way from USA to volunteer for two weeks has his lesson plans center around vitals sign taking, emergency care ( in a language that children can understand), a resume and portfolio building class for higher education and jobs, a "practice" medical school class for those interested in healthcare, and also a basic dental. nutritional, health maintenance class. He gives time in the Hermann Gmeiner School, Village and the Youth Home.

SOS Children's Carnival 2014

SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan organized a Children's Carnival on Sunday, November 23, 2014 at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore. The fundraiser was organized for the benefit of the orphaned and abandoned children in our care. Children accompanied by their families were entertained at the carnival. There were different fun filled activities including stalls by different corporate groups, food courts etc. Read More →

Congratulations to Team SOS

We are happy to inform that children from SOS Children's Village Lahore, who performed a play on "Child Rights" at the 13th Youth Performing Arts Festival 2014, won a special award (Junior). Congratulations to the participants who had made a sincere effort for achieving this success.

Poster Competition

Children of SOS Children's Village Lahore participated in a Poster competition, a Peace Building Campaign held at St. Francis School Lahore. Humaira Asif, one of the girls from SOS Children's Village Lahore got the 1st prize.

My First Bike

Possibilities - Management Development & Consulting Company headed by Mr. Qaisar Abbas visited SOS Children's Village Lahore and presented 10 Bicycles sponsored by Coca Cola.Children assembled the bicycles with the help of the Coca Cola staff and were simply ecstatic at getting their first bike. Mr. Qaisar Abbas also showed a documentary on his life, how he was able to achieve his goals in life through hardwork and perseverance.

Sponsorship Software Training Workshop

A two day Sponsorship Software Training workshop was organized by the SOS National Office, Lahore. The objective of the workshop was to acquaint the SOS Village Directors and Sponsorship Coordinators with the newly developed centralized software system. This system will assist in coordinating and monitoring the activities of all the SOS Villages in Pakistan along with increasing their work efficiency and transparency. The database, for example, helps in the assessment of individual development needs of the child and reports on various key performance indicators, among other things.

Chief Minister's Visit to SOS Children's Village Quetta

Chief Minister, Balochistan Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch, MPA Miss Raheela Durrani, Mr.Kahoor, DG Social Welfare and other dignitaries visited SOS Children's Village Quetta. Honorable CM announced a school bus, one house in Quetta SOS, eight acres land in Gwadar and two million for the renovation of Youth Home.We are very thankful for their generous support and for showing interest in our Organization.

Cooking Class Fun at SOS Children's Village Lahore

Girls at SOS Children's Village Lahore took a Cooking class from a Chinese volunteer. Cooking Classes are the best way to enjoy food and Chinese cuisine for our SOS girls.

14th August Celebrations in SOS Children's Village Faisalabad

August 14, Independence Day of Pakistan was celebrated at SOS Children's Village Faisalabad with great zeal and zest as it was started off with the Flag hoisting ceremony. Children performed on the national songs and they appeared in specially designed dresses on the stage and got lot of appreciation and love.

14th August Celebrations in SOS Children's Village Dhodial

The Independence Day was celebrated on 14th August 2014 with dedication, enthusiasm and pride. Girls painted their hands with Henna and the National Flag was hoisted. To celebrate the occasion, a special function was organized in the SOS Children’s Village Dhodial in which different activities were performed like musical show, debate competition and art performances.The village was decorated with the Flags of Pakistan. Sahil Foundation arranged a puppet show for children.

Independence Day Celebrations at SOS Children's Village Karachi

Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Karachi Village. All Village and Youth Home and ex- children also participated, gathered at the Village auditorium. The Ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. National anthem and National Song “Jevay Jevay Pakistan” was beautifully performed by the SOS Band.

Jashn-e Azadi Celebrations at SOS Children's Village Sargodha

Independence Day has a great significance for every nation. It reflects the solidarity and stability of a nation. On recent 14 August, independence was celebrated here in SOS Sargodha with full enthusiasm and passion. On this auspicious occasion of the day children were much more excited and passionate for celebrations.Children were so much busy in decorating their houses with bunting.

14th August Celebrations at SOS Children's Village Multan

On 14th August 2014 Members from “Multan Kehkashan Lions Club” and Professor Dr. Hameed Raza Saddiqi visited SOS Children’s Village Multan. The children of SOS warmly welcomed them. Flag raising ceremony was organized, Mr. Afzal sipra raised the flag and prayed for our country, and The National Anthem played.

Flag Hoisting Ceremony at SOS Children's Village Lahore

Children of SOS Village Lahore celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm. Celebrations began with a flag hoisting ceremony followed by the singing of the National Anthem.The Children were joined by a renowned Biker and a long time Visitor Mukaram Tareen with his team.

14th August Celebrations at SOS Children's Village Sialkot

Children of SOS Village Sialkot celebrated 14th August with great fervor,enthusiasm and zeal. Members of Sialkot Crescent Lions Club arranged a walk in the morning followed by flag hoisting ceremony and musical evening.

Independence Day 2014 at SOS Children's Village Jamshoro

Children actively and enthusiastically participated in 14th August celebrations. Independence Day was celebrated at the SOS Children's Village Jamshoro on the spirit of patriotism. Flag hoisting ceremony was held. This was followed by different performances given by the children including the march-past, singing of the national anthem, national songs, debate, dance and tableaus.

Matric Result 2014 - SOS Children's Village Sialkot

Matric result 2014 of SOS Children's Village Sialkot is here. We hope you'll be as pleased with the results as we are. Six boys appeared out of which three got first division obtaining 773,746 and 686 marks and three got second Division obtaining 632, 502 and 646 marks. Congratulations to Ahmad, Abdullah and Danish for securing 1st division.

Visit of Team Possibilities - Management Development & Consulting

Mr.Qaisar Abbas and his team from Possibilities - Management Development & Consulting visited SOS Children’s Village Lahore and gifted bicycles to the children. They looked around our facilities and appreciated the work we do for the orphan and abandoned children. We are very thankful to the team "Possibilities" for their generous support and for showing interest in our organization.

Eid Celebrations at SOS Children's Village Quetta

A small event was organized for the children of SOS Children’s Village Quetta in which the children enthusiastically participated and enjoyed themselves. There were different fun filled activities including Camel riding, water fighting, balloon flying and cotton candies. It was a pleasant and joyful day for the children.

Chand Raat Celebrations with SOS Children's Village Lahore

Chand Raat was celebrated at the SOS Children’s Village Lahore on the 28th of July 2014.Puppet & Magic shows were sponsored by 'King Balloon'. We are thankful to our sponsors for setting up the stalls and the event. We would also like to thank our volunteers who participated in the event, and the donors who generously donated for this special cause.

Fun and Iftar by TNS

During Ramadan, a group of young volunteers named TNS arranged a wonderful event for the kids at SOS Islamabad. There were games, face painting, water fight and drawing activity for the kids. After all these fun activities the children were served with Iftari. The children spent their evening rejoicing.

Pebbles Painting

A colourful and amusing activity of pebbles painting was arranged by two of volunteers at SOS Children’s Village Islamabad. The children played with colours ant paints and thoroughly enjoyed painting the pebbles. These kinds of activities have always been fun for the children at SOS providing them opportunity to show their creativity.

SOS Children's Village Jamshoro Went to the Pavilion of the Sports Stadium

The Children from SOS Village Jamshoro went to the Pavilion of the Sports Stadium of Sindh University and played Cricket, Football and Throw ball. It was really a memorable day for the SOS Children.

We Welcome Lea to our SOS Family

Miss Lea Meier has come from Switzerland with one year plans to stay with SOS Children's Village in Islamabad. She is quite enthusiastic about her ambitions. She narrates like this: “When I completed Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Social Policies and Sociology,I decided to look for an opportunity to volunteer in a foreign country. Read More →

Humanitarian of the Year Award

On Friday, June 14, 2013, the Canada Pakistan Business Council (CPBC) held its 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Awards Night. This year the event was very well attended by Canadian's and Pakistani's. The respectable Premier of Ontario, Hon. Kathleen Wynne attended as the Chief Guest.Also in attendance were the High Commissioner of Pakistan to Canada. Read More →