Miss Lea Meier has come from Switzerland with one year plans to stay with SOS Children's Village in Islamabad. She is quite enthusiastic about her ambitions. She narrates like this:

“When I completed Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Social Policies and Sociology, I decided to look for an opportunity to volunteer in a foreign country. Through my work as a consulter for asylum seekers I met a lot of people from Pakistan. Their narratives aroused my interest for the Pakistani culture and Pakistan in general. Because I worked already as a nanny and as I am also experienced with children in difficult situations, I liked to work with children again. While looking for volunteering opportunities in Pakistan, I found the SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan website. SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan convinced me, because it aims to give the children a home as natural as possible. As a social worker, to work for SOS Children’s Villages is not just a personal experience to get, but it is also professionally interesting. Therefore, I decided to volunteer for SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan”.