Birthday Celebration at SOS Children's Home, Johar Town, Lahore

Sharing your happiness with innocent children could be the source of real inner happiness. Ms. Amna celebrated her birthday with our children and there were all smiles. We wish her healthy, happy and successful long life.

Amal join hands with SOS Children's Villages Pakistan

Amal officially joins hands with SOS Children's Villages Pakistan in solidarity, for the betterment of the society. Both organizations hope to work together on different initiatives and make this collaboration worthwhile.

US Marines from US Embassy Islamabad Visited

US Marines from US Embassy Islamabad visited and spent a few hours in the Village. They played games and did other fun filled activities with the children. They also served food which they cooked themselves for our children. Children had a good time with them.

Lahore Village Celebrated Ms. Souriya Anwar Birthday

Birthday of the President of SOS Children's Villages Pakistan Mrs. Souriya Anwar being celebrated at SOS Children's Village Lahore.

23 March Celebration in SOS Village Karachi

23 March, Pakistan Day was celebrated at SOS Children's Village Karachi with great zeal and zest as it started off with the Flag hoisting ceremony. Children performed on the national songs and they appeared in specially designed dresses on the stage and received a lot of appreciation and love.

23 March Celebration in SOS Village Sialkot

The Pakistan Day was celebrated on 23 March 2019 with dedication, enthusiasm and pride. To celebrate the occasion, a special function was organized in the SOS Children’s Village Sialkot in which different activities were performed like musical show, debate competition and art performances.

Bake Sale 2019 organized by Friends of SOS Sialkot

Friends of SOS Sialkot organized a successful event "Bake Sale 2019" for the noble cause of SOS. Different stalls of baked items from multiple professional bakers were exhibited, which included Kake Karizma, Zanbakes, Mad Batter, Kake by Munch, Tantalizers, Zahira’s Kitchenette, Cooko’s Kitchen and Bakeology by Zainab Waseem. All the above mentioned bakers provided their baked items free for the bake sale to raise funds for the noble cause.

Annual Fund Raising Event Organised By Jamshoro on Sunday 17th February 2019

Annual Fund Raising event was organised on Sunday 17th February 2019. Like every year this daylong event attracted about 4000 guests. Event included different entertainment activities for families like Robotics show, wire loop circuit, blow ping pong balls games, crafts, mehndi, face painting stalls, music, tableau, beat boxing, food court and much more. Read More →

16th Annual National Conference 2019

The 16th Annual National Conference was held at the SOS National Training Center, Lahore, where the Chairpersons/BOG's/Committee Members from all the projects of SOS Children's Villages Pakistan discussed the yearly performance of their facilities. Issues and good practices were discussed.

Director's Training Workshop 2019

A Directors’ Training Workshop is held annually by the National Office, SOS Children's Villages Pakistan. This workshop brings all the Directors from our projects all over the country. The aim of this workshop is capacity building and to ensure standardization of all the policies and procedures of SOS Children's Villages Pakistan's policies across our 54 projects. It emphasizes the paramount role of the Directors. It also focuses on empowering and facilitating mothers to care for the children. In order to meet the challenges of future we need to move closer to each other, share our experiences and be open to learn from each other. We also invite external resource people to aid us in our professional development as well as manage issues that we face on a regular basis.

Dhodial Village - One Day Visit to Siran River Dadar

A one day Dadar visit was arranged by the donor for SOS Children’s Village Dhodial where Children spend full at Dadar and enjoyed swimming in Siran River.

Dhodial Village - First Aid Training by Red Crescent Pakistan

Two days first aid program was conducted by Red Crescent Pakistan. The training was useful for the children, they learn how to handle the patient before the arrival of Doctor or Ambulance.

Dhodial Village - NCMCM Program to Kaghan Vally

16 children from SOS went to NCMCM program to Kaghan Vally through Adventure Foundation of Pakistan for 10 days. It was useful program through which the children get awareness for the nature and conservation of natural resources. It helps the children to learn about the different cultures.

Dhodial Village - Visit to Swat 2019

Four day visit to SWAT was arranged for elder girls of SOS Children’s Village along with Youth Home boys. They visited the local places of SWAT and enjoyed a lot.

Faisalabad Village - Lunch Party at Forks & Knives

On 31 July, 2019 Volunteers arranged lunch party at Forks & Knives. Our 5 SOS children and house mother participated and enjoyed a lot.

Faisalabad Village - Volunteer Arranged Sports Activity

On 13 July,2019 Summer camp volunteers arranged a sports and fun activity from class Nursery to class 8th .They arranged food stalls and fun activity with them,under supervision Ms Nida City School. Our SOS children enjoyed a lot this activity.

Faisalabad Village - Volunteers taught SOS children

On 01 July,2019 Summer Camp Volunteer program was started. Almost 150 Volunteers taught SOS children, and helped them to complete their home work.

Sialkot Village - Recreational Trip 2019

Village children's enjoyed alot and visited different places. It was really a memorable day for the children.

Faisalabad Village - Child Protection Bureau

On 31 July, 2019 Child Protection Bureau arranged a walk about children protection. Our 10 SOS boys and girls participated in this walk and got knowledge about children protection.

Multan Village - CPO Multan Visited Village

The CPO visited SOS Children’s Village Multan, he introduced himself and his son to all of the children here at SOS Children’s Village Multan. He also took a tour of the entire village and spent most of his day here. He also taught his son all about SOS Children’s Village Multan.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited SOS Children’s Village in Pakistan

"The private social welfare organisation provides a home and family structure to over 150 young girls and boys who are either orphans or have been abandoned. The villages promote the development of children into happy, confident and resilient adults. The Duchess of Cambridge gave a passionate speech and even spoke some Urdu, the official language of Pakistan.” - The Royal Family Channel

Inter-Village Cricket Tournament 2019

Inter-Village Cricket Tournament was won by SOS Children Village Multan. We congratulate Team Multan and Management of Multan. Prize Distribution ceremony was held in Lahore Model Town Ground.