SOS Family Strengthening Program Pakistan

SOS Children's Villages only admit children who do not have mothers unless their mothers have remarried and entrusted their children to relatives. In such cases, these children are referred to as "social orphans." It is widely recognized that no institution can fully replace the role of a mother, and the emotional and psychological impact on children far exceeds any deprivation they may face. However, it is important to acknowledge that many women-headed households face extreme challenges, making them the most deserving candidates for welfare assistance.

The primary goal is to alleviate the burden on single mothers, particularly widows or divorcees, by assuming the responsibility of caring for their children. This enables the mothers to seek employment opportunities. They are allowed regular access to their children and are encouraged to take them home during weekends and holidays. The admitted children will benefit from a nurturing environment, exceptional facilities, and quality education comparable to what is provided in SOS Children's Villages. They will receive equivalent benefits and receive the same level of care. The aim is to replicate these initiatives in other regions to extend support to numerous vulnerable families.

Currently, this program is functioning in the following cities across Pakistan:

  • Johar Town, Lahore
  • Karam Bagh Kharian
  • Mangal, Abbotabad
  • Bedian, Lahore
  • Multan

The current strength of the five programs mentioned above is 215 children.