SOS Children's Villages Pakistan

The Village facility is the core of our Organization and serves as a home for orphan and underprivileged children. This is where they make new friends develop family bonds and are given a house as close to a natural family as possible.

Each Village comprises 15 house units, and each can accommodate up to 10 children. The house is run by a 'mother' who looks after the children. Growing up in such an environment gives children a sense of belonging and creates family ties where there might be none.

The first Village facility was established in the city of Lahore in 1977. Since then, SOS Children's Villages Pakistan has expanded considerably. The Village facilities can be found in over 15 Districts of Pakistan covering every major city, including Quetta, and even serve the orphan and abandoned children of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

However, many more children still have not been able to receive the care and support every orphan and underprivileged child deserves in this country. SOS needs our generous donors' support to help develop more facilities in other areas of Pakistan and help create opportunities for our children.

Currently, Our Villages Are Functioning In The Following Cities Across Pakistan: