SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan
SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan

Ramzan 2013
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Co-workers Training and Development
National Training Centre (NTC)
Aims to ensure uniformity of operation in all SOS projects and to attain the desired level of excellence. Training programmes for Directors, Assistant Directors, Supervisors, Mothers, Teachers and other staff are organized in the NTC.
The National Training Center is the essential place for the growing number of projects where co-workers from all over the country receive trainings.
The National Training Center is handled by the National Office whereas the policies and programmes of training are worked out with the NTC Director. The NTC Director carries full responsibility for the National Training Center and organizes the trainings.
Proper training is essential to communicate to the 'mothers' what the SOS concept is and the standards to be maintained. They receive training at the National Training Centre and are attached to 'senior mothers' for on-the job training and assessment.
The probation period is three months after which candidates are employed as 'mother trainees'. After two year's satisfactory performance they are confirmed as 'mothers'.
All Village Directors are expected to familiarize themselves with the SOS Children's Village manual which provides a general policy framework according to which they are expected to operate. Within the structure of principles, standards and guidelines, decisions can be made according to our own cultural norms and requirements.
Directors are responsible for the overall development of the children, within the SOS families. They are accountable for the effective management of the village, including finances and human resources. They are required to live on the premises and ensure that 24 hour coverage is given to the needs of the children. Weekly day-off should be other than Saturday / Sunday and during any absence from the village proper arrangements for supervision must be in place.
The Village Directors report to the National Director/Management Committee and are fully supported in developing plans and activities which lead to the advancement of the village and its SOS families. The respective Managing Committees, through the Village Committees, ensure that high standards of operation are maintained and SOS policies understood and implemented. Annual workshops are held in the NTC.
"If we do not manage to administer and employ the funds entrusted to us with complete transparency and beyond all shadow of doubt, we have no right to ask people for donations."
Mr. Richard Pichler, Secretary General, SOS kinderdorf International referred to this quotation, in his preface to the SOS KDI Financial Manual. This quotation is valid for all times.
SOS Pakistan has executed the SOS - KDI Global Accounting Software. Accountants from all SOS Pakistan projects underwent intensive personnel training in Islamabad. This was followed by the trainer visiting each project to offer any guidance if required.
Teachers Training
Beacon House Training
An excellent teacher training program was initiated in partnership with the Beacon House school system. This is the most successful private school organization renowned for its quality of education. 3 teachers of HG school Lahore are undergoing training. Upon successful completion they will get a diploma from the Bradford University.
This program is being offered free of cost for SOS HGS staff but 240?, the cost of the certificate will be paid by SOS. The teachers that are trained by the Beacon House training program are in turn training teachers in the SOS HGS in Lahore.
VSO is an international development charity that works through volunteers Their vision is a world without poverty in which people work together to fulfil their potential. Instead of sending food or money, they send women and men from a wide range of professions who want the chance to make a real difference in the fight against poverty. These volunteers work in partnership with colleagues and communities to share skills and learning and achieve positive change together. Their teacher training programmes are of excellent quality and they impart Training in addition to providing trained teachers to work in the SOS HGS across Pakistan.
Ali institute
Ali Institute imparts professional training and is ideally situated close to the NTC. They offer a subsidized rate for training of the SOS HGS co-workers and the completion certificates are recognized by the Board of Education.
Honours and Distinctions
Recognition is in place in order to dignify long and extraordinary loyal commitment to the work of SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan.
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